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CAR-JUMPER #16 premieres this weekend at Channel 101.

There are some awesome pilots this month, and I’m sure prime time BROUGHT IT, and AEGIS is self-cancelling… so don’t miss out.

Saturday, March 29th. 
Screenings at 8pm & 10pm
The Downtown Independent


GPOYW …is that still a thing?  Anyway.  I got to shoot with the very talented Eleonora Barna!  Juggling is surprisingly difficult to catch in a photograph and I’m happy to say this image is entirely practical.  Please visit her sight for more intriguing images.  >O<

My new chess set…and life.

Cause and effect, if you’re lucky, leads to a point where anything is possible. What once was a system of development, gives way to uncertainly. Practice and forethought is key. They’ll think it magic when you win the game! :)  

…pretty much how I see the world. 

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Concept art for Tangled (by Craig Mullins)

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Car-Jumper #14 - BTS

(Photos by Brian King, Starline Hodge, Jenny Marlowe, and Cody Cundiff)

It’s become part of my monthly routine…and I love it!

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